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We are committed to meeting your human resource needs comprehensively – whether you are a client or a candidate, a large firm or a start-up. We adhere to the highest ethical practices in the recruitment process..

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Recruitment Consulting

We specialise in human resource services, where whatever we engage into is all about people and their aspirations. Our company's structure comprises of experienced people : our plant and machinery is also people our raw material and our finished product is also people : and ultimately our engagement with the client is also with the people at clients place.

" In short we are a people supply chain organization with a unique vision to create value in whatever way we touch people; be it client or candidate."

Our recruiters provide personalized recruitment consulting solutions tailored to your company’s requirement. We understand that quality and understanding matters. Our recruiting strategies help our client companies to meet the staffing and manpower demands of each individual project, and our fresh no-nonsense approach to recruiting means that we will deliver the right person for your vacancy on time and with the minimum disruption to your business.

We believe in focusing on people. Our recruiters invest time to understand the culture of our clients and the personality of our candidates and base our selection on much more than just job specifications and CVs. Our expertise allows us to efficiently recruit the right people into the right job first time - we're so confident we even guarantee it or we will replace the candidate for free!

Consulting Services

  • Executive & Retained Search
  • Contingency Search
  • Advertised Search
  • Turnkey Recruitment Solutions


Executive & Retained Search

We help companies search for and recruit at the top level for positions of CEO, CFO, CIO, and others.
We first ensure that we understand you and your needs. Then aided by your ideas and suggestions, we recommend the profile of the person who will meet these needs best. We then initiate the search for such people we then target, contact and screen potential candidates. Since we work closely with you, our initial screening process separates the wheat from the chaff and we send you two or three people who we feel would fit the role best. We maintain total confidentiality on all the information whether received from the client or from candidates. We charge fees only from client companies and organizations and never from


Contingent Search

Works best with job positions at middle and junior levels, in cases of bulk recruitment. Our extensive database of validated resumes is explored to match the best candidate with the job opening.


Advertised Search

To reach a larger target audience across a wider geographical area and in cases where multiple recruitments are needed, we use the Advertised Search option with discretion.     Manage responses to your job advertisements through a highly effective solution combining robust technology and proven processes to deliver high quality candidate experience and accurate selection.
With the media sector growing fast and in a job market with very high levels of talent recruiting demand and supply, there are more advertisements for jobs than ever before. However managing the responses to these ads, given the huge number of applications for every open position, is a constant challenge to all companies, be it mid-sized or an MNC. In addition, it might not be efficient for companies to invest in internal processes or technologies to deal with the responses coming through their advertisement. However, the risk of an ill-managed response could be many frustrated candidates, which in the longer term might impact the brand of the organization.


Turnkey Recruitment Solutions

For start-ups & for companies who are ramping up and setting up operations in new territories. Here a mix of many strategies is adopted to streamline the entire process and customize the recruitment solution based on clients unique hiring needs at all levels.